I provide design guidance for the average family home and budget in an industry often assumed to be out-of-reach by most homeowners. By carefully considering your existing environment and making cost-effective additions or modifications, I can help you create a more useful and visually appealing space. If you are building or renovating and need help navigating the daunting process, or you just want to improve your home with a few thoughtfully chosen updates, I want to help!



I enjoy working with the structural elements of a home. Paint and furniture are easily changed but the structural elements have a more permanent nature. These features define the fundamental character and appeal of a home. Tile, lighting, plumbing fixtures, fittings, doors and windows are all design features that will withstand many years of use. If you are building or renovating and need assistance with these selections, I would love to help. Together we can create a stunning space that best fits your personal needs.



Staging is often associated only with preparing a property for sale, but I have found that it is very helpful for those homeowners who are seeking to refine the aesthetic and function of their existing spaces. It is said that good design is all about editing. This is particularly true when it comes to staging a property. I would love to make your property look its best. As a consultant, I can come take a look at your place and work with you directly or give you a personal “to do” list for your future updates.

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