Melrose Fireplace

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This 1930’s tudor cottage remained largely unaltered from its original state, with the exception of a poorly executed attempt to stone the fireplace. This was a do-it-yourself project gone wrong. We quickly removed the sloppy stonework and crooked sconces and went to Preservation Station to find a mantle and sconces suitable for this period home. I found a great mantle that will match the stained woodwork of the house once it is refinished. My mission has been to strip and refinish the mantle. This is no small task with the layers of paint that had accumulated on the mantle over the years.

Here’s a look at it in its original painted state and a look at it how it looks now.  Most of the paint is gone, but it’s still a long way from ready to stain and finish.  I look forward to finishing this one up.  As soon as I do, I will proudly show you my new fireplace, with “new” old mantle, sconces and tile surround.